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Adam Morgan
 Three considerations when planning a Landscape

Successful landscape planning involves these three considerations.
The ground is its floor and your property lines are its walls. The ceiling is the canopy created by structures, tree plantings, and the sky. A good landscaping plan is developed in terms of these three dimensions.

Next, study the floor plan, window locations, and primary living areas of your house to establish a relationship between living and service areas in the house and similar areas out of doors. Note on your plan those areas that require attention, including views into your property from adjoining areas.

Your final landscape plan will depend upon your lot and its orientation to wind and sun, your house plan, the amount of money, time, and effort you want to spend on maintenance, your family's interests and activities, and even the neighborhood itself.

Try to preserve all of the best natural resources of the site, such as trees, brooks or streams, good soil, rock outcroppings, and turf. Carefully study good as well as bad views. Screen out unattractive and objectionable views either by structures or by proper plantings.

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