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Landscaping Books & Plans
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Are you looking for landscape design ideas? We have personally selected the following landscape design books that would be excellent resources to your book collection. If you are looking for landscaping solutions - check out the following landscape books!

Although not a landscaping book - The Naturally Clean Home has over 100 safe and easy herbal formulas for Nontoxic Cleaansers. Using nontoxic cleaning cleaners is a great way to cut down on the harsh chemicals that are used around your house and yard.

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Home Landscaping Manual
Gizmo Creations

Want to landscape your yard but don't know where to begin? We've created our own home landscaping manual that starts out with the basics, how to look at your yard and then moves on through the basic design concepts. The plants are geared for the upper midwest, but the practical design tips will apply everywhere.

Cost $10.50 (includes taxes & shipping)


The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier

This book contains over 100 safe and easy herbal formulas for Nontoxic Cleaners. A handy book to have for cutting down or eliminating the use of harsh chemicals in your home.
One of our Best Sellers!
Cost: $9.50 (includes taxes & shipping)

Combination patio, timber bench, planters and trellis. Five pages of specific construction plans.

Cost: $4.25 (includes taxes & shipping)

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