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Landscape Design Tips  

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When you want to create a beautiful and functional landscape, the task may be overwhelming. Before the first shovel of soil is turned, close your eyes and picture your dream garden. And call Gizmo Creations if you need help to plan your dream landscape design.

What are your
landscape goals:

Create privacy
Invite entertaining
Provide recreation
Modify the climate
Beautify the property
Grow a kitchen garden
Attract wildlife
Reduce water use

Planters can add color and
texture throughout the garden


When a landscape is thoughtfully planned, it does more than beautify the property: It can provide recreation area and places to entertain. Well placed trees and shrubs can cut down on heating and cooling costs. A good design can also add more living space to your home in the warm seasons and provide a window to the natural world during colder months.
Design Basics  
Every good garden design owes its effectiveness to certain basic design principles. These rules apply to all levels of gardens, from a simple garden border to an elaborate classical design. Remember, in any well-designed garden no one feature, plant or structure is completely dominant. Instead, all features work together to establish a sense of unity.
A. Repetition.    Repeat certain plants, textures or colors.
B. Simplicity. This is the result of constraint. It keeps your design from being cluttered and unfocused.

C.  Unity. A unified design ensures that the garden reads as one whole design rather than a hodgepodge of separate elements.

D.  Scale. Scale refers to the balance between sizes of various elements, which includes the house, walkways, paths, fences, garden beds and plantings. No one element or feature should overpower all of the others.

Download our brochure on Landscaping Tips.
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