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Why should you use a professional landscape
design company?

Gizmo Creations LLC provides highly professional, unbiased design based on the needs and goals you indicate to us. We are not trying to sell you specific plants based on existing inventory. And we do not offer installation services; so you can be sure your plan is created with your best interests in mind, not those of a nursery or contractor.

We have a licensed landscape architect on staff who can assist you in creating a landscape that meets your specific needs. Our landscape architect will create a design for you that achieves a balance between your home (or commercial building) and its surroundings.

At Gizmo Creations we will assess your needs. First, do you have problems you are trying to correct, such as water ponding or erosion. Second, are you trying to define an outside living area or do you need screening from negative factors. And, third, what type of elements do you want to include in the landscape: ponds, fire pits, gardens, and patios are just a few examples of items that can make your landscape more appealing.
Did you know that landscaping can increase the value of your home by 15% or more?
A landscape architect is a professional that will listen to your needs and suggest several solutions to make your landscaping appealing and an asset to your home or business. While contractors bid on plans - we interpret your ideas, and then incorporate your site's considerations and elements of design to prepare a unique landscape plan for your site.

What are the advantages of working with a firm that has a licensed
landscape architect on staff?

A quality landscape begins with good planning. To achieve a good plan you need a professional who is educated in a several key areas.

Landscape architecture is a field of study that incorporates design, horticulture, earth science, and construction. It includes a broad base of knowledge in both theory and real world application. Landscape architects combine their knowledge of plants and engineering savvy to create designs that are aesthetic pleasing and that have functional realities. Their goal is to provide quality landscape design through integrating structures, paving, hardscape materials and plantings.


In Minnesota, landscape architects are licensed under the State Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience and Interior Design.
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