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Questions on websites?
I am a small business. How can a website help me?
A website can offer you many advantages, including:  
A more professional company image Inexpensive advertising Better customer relations
The availability for customers to get information about your products and/or services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Savings on printings and postage. Brochures, flyers and even manuals can be placed on your website. Customers can then download and print these documents at their convenience.
How much time does it take to build a website?  
A website can be completed in a few days or several months. Completion time depends on:
(1) The size of the website
(2) The amount of time it takes a site owner to offer feedback on the website design in progress and to provide content narrative and graphics
Can I just design a website myself?
Sure you can! If you like working with HTML, CSS, Javascsript, DHTML, CGI, Photoshop. . . . But if you want to spend time on actually running your business and not learning the trade of website design, you are much better off hiring a professional designer to do the work.
10 good reasons to invest in a website

1) Your Clients: An increasing number of your clients
are using the Internet more frequently on a daily basis.

2) Promote your Business: A website is constantly there promoting your business and possibly generating sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3) Constant Showcase: A website can showcase everything your company has to offer in one easy to use location - from your customer’s own home!

4) Being Anonymous: A website is anonymous. A visitor to your site can spend as much or as little time as they like to decide if they want to follow up on your company's product or service offerings. No hovering salesman means less pressure for your potential clients.

5) Enhance your Marketing: A website can effectively supplement and enhance your company's marketing activities.

6) To Answer Frequently Asked Questions: A lot of your employee’s time can be spent answering the same questions over and over again. These are the questions customers and prospects want to have answered before they decide to do business with you. Posting these answers on your website will be more convenient for the client, and free up your employee’s time.

7) Your own domain name ( establishes strong online brand identity, and also allows you to set up email addresses specific to your own company.

8) Greater Consumer Impact: The Internet provides a level playing field for companies - a well-designed website for a small company can have just the same presence and consumer impact on the web as a multinational corporation.

9) More Marketplace Exposure: The Internet opens your business to a whole new global market and can attract a great deal of interest through effective use of links and other online promotional activities.

10) Your Competitors: Your competitors may already be gaining substantial market share and the cutting edge over your company due to their existing presence on the web - your company cannot afford to be left behind!


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